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BLU Pyro
airblasting, ascot hats, axe in brain, balmoral hats, bearskin hats, being credit to team, berets, big african hats, big hats, blowtorches, boater hats, bowler hats, bucket hats, burn ointment, burning man 2007 incident, busby hats, children, chugga chugga chugga chugga, cloche hats, cookies, cooking, cupcakes, death, death metal, decapitating, delicious asbestos, diving headfirst into fire, diy, doesn't belong in oven, explosions, fifth degree burns, fifty hats, fire, fire everywhere, fire fire fire!!, fireflowers, first degree burns, floral patterns, forest fires, fourth degree burns, free weekend bonfires, gas masks, gasoline, getting in ovens, guitar, hats, hats on fire, homewrecking, hudda, just one hat, kepis, leaving the oven on, lighters, lots of fire, maim kill burn, many hats, marshmallows, more fire, mumph, murder, n00b spies, napalm, not being around ghosts, one hundred hats, ovens, panama hats, porkpie hats, purses, putting forks in toasters, putting gasoline in ovens, putting lighters in blenders, putting lighters in toasters, putting people in ovens, putting things in ovens, second degree burns, serious hats, setting shit on fire, silly hats, sixth degree burns, slapstick, small hats, smell of rubber, so many fucking hats, sombreros, spychecking, stomping on corpses, stomping on the burning, stomping on the dying, stompy stomp, super fire, super street fighter ii, surprise parties, sweets, the rhythm club fire, third degree burns, tiny hats, tons of hats, too many hats, torture, tyrolean hats, unnecessary mutilation of dead, w+m1, wide hats